Buy Bitcoins with Debit / Credit Card Now!

Payment cards give you an option to buy Bitcoins immediately and with convenience, from almost any country. You do not have to wait several days as you would for wire transfer.

Register with our system

Registering with us is easy! There are only three fields we require for initial signup: first name, last name and email. After that you will receive an authorization email and will be able to login to client cabinet

Add your card as a payment method

There are several payment methods available upon signing up with us. They include bank account option, credit / debit card option. There are up to three credit cards we allow to add to each account

Purchase Bitcoins to your wallet with immediate delivery.

After payment method option is added you can start purchasing Bitcoins with the chosen method. When purchase is made you will immediately see amount of purchased Bitcoins on your Bitcoin wallet with us

I am ready to explore the world of Crypto with Cardbit.