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Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card and SEPA. Crypto invoices with Debit / Credit Card as Payment Method. Multiple Withdrawal Options.

Order Your Crypto Friendly Prepaid Card

  • EU Bank Account (IBAN)
  • Card is connected to SEPA network
  • Money withdraw from any ATM worldwide
  • Card issued in EUR
  • Secure and safe by secure and certified systems
  • Contactless Technology
  • No local bank account is required
  • Online account to see balances and transactions

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Complete Merchant features at your hand

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Use our our all-in-one API as you need

Getting paid for goods an services using Bitcoins has never been easier. Cardbit has all the right tools in order to make your website building process a breeze.

Cardbit API "Create Order" request example

"order_description":"Book Order",
Cardbit API "Currency Rate" response example


Security & Compliance

Top-level security is our highest priority

3-D Secure

3-D Secure transaction confirmation to add another layer of Internet environment security

PCI DSS - Security golden Standard

PCI DSS compliant security standard platform in line with the latest set of requirments by PCI DSS v3.2 standard

2-Factor authentification

2-step verification process for increased
user security

Your CC data never stored

We do not store any personal sensitive data that could be compromised

I am ready to explore the world of Crypto with Cardbit.